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Desert Survival Intensive Fieldcourse

Desert Survival Intensive Fieldcourse

This comprehensive course will offer a solid foundation in the field skills involved in handling a desert survival situation. Topics include: survival psychology, heat-related injuries, natural and improvised shelters, water location and procurement, basic map-reading and navigation, solar stills, signaling methods, primitive and modern firemaking skills, edible and poisonous plants, and desert hazards such as… Continue >>>

Overland Expo 2015

My staff and I had the great pleasure of teaching at Oveland Expo again this year south of Flagstaff. We had two days of mud, snow, and rain but, as always, a great crowd of enthusiastic explorers from around the globe. We taught numerous classes on bushcraft, basic survival, and emergency kits along with having… Continue >>>

Fundamentals of Tracking

Fundamentals of Tracking

This is an introductory class that will cover both animal and mantracking skills. You will learn the basics of track identification, aging prints, interpreting the stories in tracks, gait patterns, how to follow a person over varied terrain and how to pick up a lost trail. This class is entirely hands-on and is held in… Continue >>>

Primitive Living Skills

Combining the fields of anthropology, natural history and bushcraft, you will delve into the time-tested traditional skills used by native cultures of the Southwest for thousands of years. Topics and skills covered include: gourd containers, processing yucca for cordage, basic flintknapping, hafting stone tools, fire-by-friction, coal-burning implements, deadfall construction, tracking, throwing sticks, wickiups and natural… Continue >>>

Braintan Buckskin Workshop and Gathering

In winter, we often have a braintanning camp at our high-desert basecamp north of Flagstaff complete with two heated hogans and a tipi for warming up in and working on hides. We will cover all aspects of wet-scrape tanning, smoking, etc… as well as have a racked out hide for showing the process for dry-scraping.… Continue >>>

Bowmaking Course

Learn how to make a finely crafted wood bow and set of arrows for sport or hunting. This two-day workshop will cover wood selection, carving, tillering and shaping methods, fashioning bowstrings, arrowmaking, and shooting techniques. Held in a heated workshop. Price includes Saturday dinner. This is given as a 2 Day Course. Check the course… Continue >>>

Blacksmithing, Toolmaking and Woodcraft

Blacksmithing, Toolmaking and Woodcraft

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting bushcraft instructor David Cronenwett of the Wilderness Arts Institute for this hands-on intensive in traditional toolmaking and usage. The first day and a half of this course will be spent making a crooked knife (mocotaugan), hook knife and possibly more. Basic metalworking, green wood carving… Continue >>>

50-Mile Adventure Trek

This unique course will focus on ultralight travel, bushcraft skills, and foraging while we trek cross-country each day relying on land-navigation to locate each night’s camp and various water sources along the way. The first day is spent learning map & compass skills such as shooting a bearing, adjusting for declination, and deciphering a topo… Continue >>>

Advance Survival Trek

Graduates of our fieldcourses are eligible for the Advanced Survival Trek. Operating as a group, students navigate each day to a new location and finding shelter and water along the way while relying solely on their survival-kit (included in the cost of the course). Any wild food that is foraged is done so with regards… Continue >>>

Living Off The Land | Advance Survival Course

Imagine yourself in the heart of the desert surrounded by mountains, canyons and ancient ruins. The terrain is rugged and the only food is what you trap, hunt, and forage. You have limited gear and are totally reliant on your bushcraft and survival skills. As you can see, this course is for those who want… Continue >>>

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The New Knife-Only Survival Book is Now Available on Amazon!

The New Knife-Only Survival Book is Now Available on Amazon!

Ever wondered how to handle a worst-case outing in the wilds with only the clothes on your back and a knife? Each year in North America, there are countless cases of unprepared hikers becoming lost and having to endure an unexpected night in the elements, depending only on their wits and abilities. Written in a… Continue >>>

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