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A Primer for Living Off the Land

A Primer for Living Off the Land

by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor Hunting & Gathering Procuring food in the wilderness is perhaps the most challenging skill in the field of wilderness living and one that is often misunderstood even in the survival community. Once learned and regularly applied, such skills will provide you with greater confidence in the backcountry and show you… Continue >>>

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction titles now available in print and eBook formats

Some of you are aware that I am involved in writing fiction, in particular post-apocalyptic fiction and sci-fi. These books are written under the pen name JT Sawyer and have largely been available only on Kindle. This past month saw the publication of the first three volumes in the First Wave Series and it is… Continue >>>

Overland Expo 2015

My staff and I had the great pleasure of teaching at Oveland Expo again this year south of Flagstaff. We had two days of mud, snow, and rain but, as always, a great crowd of enthusiastic explorers from around the globe. We taught numerous classes on bushcraft, basic survival, and emergency kits along with having… Continue >>>

A New Take on the Micro-Survival Kit

Recently I had the good fortune of teaching a survival skills class for the fine folks at U.S. Palm in Phoenix. Owners Rob Anderson and Brandon Finch make some of the finest tactical gear on the market today and one of their staff, Greg Beck, showed his micro-survival kit that he always carries with him.… Continue >>>

Ancient Pathways Reading List

by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor Many students on our courses ask about a reading list that covers the basic areas of study such as bushcraft, tracking, trapping, and the unique natural history of the Southwest. Below are a few titles we recommend & draw upon in our teaching.  You should also check out our book… Continue >>>

Surviving in the Land of Little Water

Surviving in the Land of Little Water

by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor The desert can be an unforgiving place for a stranded hiker. Here are a few tips to help beat the heat and handle an unexpected emergency in the wilds. This article originally appeared in Backpacker Magazine. Desert Garb – Tips for beating the heat Think like a cowboy here- ever… Continue >>>

Desert Garb and Survival Gear for the Southwest

Desert Garb and Survival Gear for the Southwest

by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor Hats Let’s go top to bottom and start with headwear. A wide-brimmed hat is an essential item for desert travelers unless you want your face to turn into a piece of driftwood. There’s a bevy of types from cowboy to Indiana Jones style explorer hats. I have bounced back and… Continue >>>

Bail-Out Kits, Bug-Out Bags, & Emergency Gear for Urban Disasters

Bail-Out Kits, Bug-Out Bags, & Emergency Gear for Urban Disasters

by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor There has been a lot of attention brought to the term Bug-Out Bag on forums and in the media over the years. Just what should go into such a bag and how can you assemble a quality kit yourself? Essentially, you want a lightweight backpack stowed in your office or… Continue >>>

Some Survival-Related Films to Warm Your Bones

With much of the country deep in the clutches of a brutal winter, I thought I’d toss out a few bushcraft and survival-related flicks to consider while hunkered down on the couch while the howling wind slams down the powder against your abode. Castaway The perfect movie to help fend off cabin-fever. Tom Hanks in… Continue >>>

Surviving an Unexpected Night in the Desert

Surviving an Unexpected Night in the Desert

by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor Each year, there are numerous stories about lost hikers or hunters in the desert who succumb to the elements. Many of these tragedies are preventable and involve a little preparation on the front end coupled with a dose of common sense while on the trail. During the past twenty years… Continue >>>

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Survival Fit?

Something that is rarely addressed in the survival community or on forums is the need to stay fit as an integral part of your preparedness plans. This is especially true when you are a traveler, spending inordinate amounts of time sitting in terminals, taxis, buses, or in meetings along with constantly eating in restaurants. What’s… Continue >>>

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