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Two new books by Mors Kochanski

I opened the mail recently and was thrilled to receive two autographed books from Mors Kochanski and Randy Breeuwsma of Karamat. These are gems that every woodsman should have. A lifetime of study and application permeates his works and his books are the most dog-eared manuals in my library. Both are available on Amazon or… Continue >>>

Interview with Mors Kochanski is Now Available in the Backwoodsman Magazine

I’m thrilled to say that the interview I conducted with Master Bushman Mors Kochanski is now available in the latest issue of Backwoodsman Magazine found at bookstores and online. In it, Mors discusses his childhood growing up in Canada using traditional bushcraft skills, his love of books and research, and tips for aspiring woodsman. Few… Continue >>>

A New Take on the Micro-Survival Kit

Recently I had the good fortune of teaching a survival skills class for the fine folks at U.S. Palm in Phoenix. Owners Rob Anderson and Brandon Finch make some of the finest tactical gear on the market today and one of their staff, Greg Beck, showed his micro-survival kit that he always carries with him.… Continue >>>

Ancient Pathways Reading List

by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor Many students on our courses ask about a reading list that covers the basic areas of study such as bushcraft, tracking, trapping, and the unique natural history of the Southwest. Below are a few titles we recommend & draw upon in our teaching.  You should also check out our book… Continue >>>

Some Survival-Related Films to Warm Your Bones

With much of the country deep in the clutches of a brutal winter, I thought I’d toss out a few bushcraft and survival-related flicks to consider while hunkered down on the couch while the howling wind slams down the powder against your abode. Castaway The perfect movie to help fend off cabin-fever. Tom Hanks in… Continue >>>

Peter Kummerfeldt: A True Master of Survival

In November, I had the great fortune of working once again with master survival instructor Peter Kummerfeldt at a Wilderness Medicine Society conference in Tucson. In addition to being someone who was clearly born to teach, Peter has some of the most extensive global survival experience of anyone I know of in the field. He… Continue >>>

Quote from Master Woodsman Horace Kephart

     “A camper should know for himself how to outfit, how to select and make a camp, how to wield an axe and make proper fires, how to cook, wash, mend, how to travel without losing his course, or what to do when he has lost it; how to trail, hunt, shoot, fish, dress… Continue >>>

Some Helpful Outdoor & Survival Links

Here are some of our favorite links: The Forager’s Path: A School of Botanical Studies run by Mike Masek The Wilderness Learning Center: Comprehensive courses in bushcraft and wilderness survival with Marty Simon Wilderness Arts Institute: Bushcraft – Outdoor Education – Wilderness Survival Skills This Earth: Exploring our Planet inside and out. Back Woodsman Magazine:  A bi-monthly publication dedicated to… Continue >>>

Desert Medicine Conference Notes

I had the good fortune of being asked to teach at the Wilderness Medicine Society’s Desert Medicine Conference in Tucson last month. In addition to teaching several workshops on basic desert survival, I sat in on lectures by the leading physiologists, MDs, toxiclogogists, and sports-trainers in the world today. Most of these are folks who… Continue >>>

When You Meet a Bear

This article is taken from one of my recent survival columns at Outside Magazine. To read additional articles, visit   -Many thanks to colleague and friend David Cronenwett for sharing his wealth of backcountry know-how and insight into bears.    What’s the most dangerous animal in the lower 48? How do I protect myself from… Continue >>>

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