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Five Survival Myths

Many readers email me about the survival skills that show up in movies or so-called reality shows. Being involved in educating others over the past 25 years, I thought I’d mention a few myths & misconceptions that have crept into the field of survival. 1)  Can you really get water from a cactus? There’s a… Continue >>>

Prehistoric Trap Systems of Northern Arizona

by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor (This article originally appeared in the Bulletin of Primitive Technology) The ability to procure food in a demanding landscape like the desert was possible for those who know where and how to look and have a wealth of hunting and trapping skills. I believe trapping played a significant role in… Continue >>>

Traps & Tools for Living Off the Land

Is it better to rely on hunting with a rifle or bow or to use traps instead? And should I focus on small game or big game? With regards to food procurement tools, why not use both? This allows you to utilize both a passive and active approach to procuring wild game. Out of the… Continue >>>

When Life is Reduced to Hours or How To FIND WATER IN THE DESERT

When Life is Reduced to Hours or How To FIND WATER IN THE DESERT

by Tony Nester, Survival Instructor Life in arid regions like the Southwest revolves around one key element- that inescapable requirement that no person can avoid or overcome: the need for Water. Even the hardiest of desert peoples like the Apache, the Bushman, and the Aborigine depend on it. If there’s one rule to remember about… Continue >>>

Distinguishing Cougar from Dog Tracks

    How do you tell the difference between cougar and dog tracks? Two of the most difficult types of animal tracks for beginning trackers to distinguish are cougar and domestic dog. Cougars, also known as mountain lions and pumas, range throughout western North America, Canada, Mexico, and South America. There are even cougar populations… Continue >>>

Long-Term Wilderness Living Tips and Thoughts

    Lessons learned from life on the trail long-term   Having spent extended periods of time ranging from 21-90 days living off the land in wild regions or under primitive conditions (no sleeping bag, tent, stove, firearms, food drops, etc…), I’ve jotted down a few things that were discovered along the way.     … Continue >>>

Emergency Foods for the Home Pantry

Types of Food to Stock Up On I sometimes have people in my survival courses who confide that their emergency food storage consists of 6 months of MREs or a 30-day supply of Ramen Noodles. There’s nothing wrong with having the above chow on hand in limited quantity. I carry a few MREs in my… Continue >>>

Natural and Improvised Survival Shelter Considerations

 October Survival Tips In our fieldcourses, we often discuss the importance of the Five “W’s” when building a shelter. This applies not only to survival but when car-camping or backpacking. When selecting a campsite or location for a shelter take into account the following factors: 1. Weather. Don’t rig up your tarp or lean-to on… Continue >>>

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The New Knife-Only Survival Book is Now Available on Amazon!

The New Knife-Only Survival Book is Now Available on Amazon!

Ever wondered how to handle a worst-case outing in the wilds with only the clothes on your back and a knife? Each year in North America, there are countless cases of unprepared hikers becoming lost and having to endure an unexpected night in the elements, depending only on their wits and abilities. Written in a… Continue >>>

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