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Wood has been a major part of my life during the past 28 years teaching bushcraft and survival courses for a living. I’ve always enjoyed carving bowls, spoons, bullroarers, primitive bows, ladles, and kuksas. On a larger scale, I have also constructed many hogans and earth lodges solely with hand tools. Nearly every night around the campfire, my students and I can often be found carving something from juniper, oak, or aspen with just a few trusty tools: a Mora knife (puukko), crook knife, and a small hatchet. I have always been drawn to the beauty of wood and have a daily desire (or compulsion) to carve and whittle.Using a variety of modern and traditional techniques, my current work focuses on making the Kuksa.


Though most indigenous cultures had their own version of a drinking vessel, ranging from canoe-cups in the Great Lakes to Lamhogs in Ireland and wood noggins in other regions, I have been drawn to the kuksa design from Scandinavian regions.

To be clear about my process, the majority of my work is done using an ax, Sloyd knife, crook knife, chisel, Japanese rasp, and homemade oil finishes. On rare occasion when working with harder woods, I will use a lathe for the initial hollowing process followed by chisel work and hand-carving for the remainder. The lathe has become a helpful tool in recent times due to a repetitive strain injury in my wrist from too many years of primitive archery and flintknapping but I still prefer the feeling of fashioning my objects using the older methods. Cherry, box-elder, and juniper are my preferred woods but I also make some kuksas throughout the year using aspen, sycamore, or hackberry.

Stay tuned for more updates to this page as products become available, or you can contact me about the next run of kuksas and their completion date.


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