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Our writing and consulting commitments have increased this year so we will only be offering a limited number of courses below for the general public.

We are proud to offer a 10% discount for active-duty military, reserve and veterans.
(These discounts are not offered online. In order to receive them, please contact us directly.)

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Wilderness Survival Basics, May 12- hosted by Timberline Shooting Range, Flagstaff, AZ

Learn the essential “Big 5” survival skills needed to handle a backcountry emergency. Instructor Tony Nester will cover personalized survival kits, water location methods, specialized gear for the daypack and vehicle, firemaking skills, natural and improvised shelters, signaling for rescue, wilderness hazards such as flash floods & venomous creatures, and medical kits for austere conditions. Runs from… Continue >>>

The Urban Survivor | May 5, 2018

This class is designed to prepare you and your family to survive an urban disaster, either natural or manmade. Hands-on instruction focuses on both short-term situations ranging from 24 to 72 hours as well as long-term survival resulting from a grid-down situation or pandemic. This class is held indoors and involves lecture, gear demonstrations, small-group… Continue >>>

Ultimate Survival Skills Course | June 8-10, 2018, Class FULL

Ultimate Survival Skills Course | June 8-10, 2018, Class FULL

This is a hands-on immersion course into an array of wilderness survival, food procurement, animal tracking, land navigation, and more. Each day runs from 9 am to 5 pm. The course is held at the Fort Tuthill Recreation Area about four miles south of Flagstaff. Participants need to obtain their own lodging or campsite in… Continue >>>

Basics of Map & Compass, August 18, 2018

Basics of Map & Compass, August 18, 2018

Learn the basics of orienteering with a map and compass while boosting your confidence in traveling off the beaten path. We will cover compass use, declination, topographic map reading, pacing, walking a straight line, following a bearing, how to select and use a GPS unit, and barehanded navigation using celestial aids. This is a 3-hour… Continue >>>

The Complete Survivor | September 22-23, 2018- Class FULL

The Complete Survivor | September 22-23, 2018- Class FULL

This course goes beyond mere survival and delves into the long-term skills of “living off the land” where we focus on traps, hunting tools, & food procurement. You will walk away with the basics of both modern and primitive methods for feeding yourself in the wilds or providing for your family during the lean times.… Continue >>>

Desert Survival Basics | October 20, 2018

Desert Survival Basics | October 20, 2018

This class will provide an introduction to the fundamental skills needed for surviving in desert regions and the hazards associated with desert travel. Relying on classroom lecture, slideshows, and hands-on practice, students will become familiar with desert skills such as emergency shelters, water location, signal mirror practice, an overview of heat-related injuries, venomous creatures, and… Continue >>>

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