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Many things go into making an incredible wilderness experience at Ancient Pathways and you’ll find all the technical information on our fieldcourses listed below. But it’s the love of teaching these skills to others that gives us the passion for this business. We’re right out there with you on every fieldcourse, sleeping in shelters, eating around the campfire, and walking the land. We’ve personally tested every skill we teach in rain, snow, sleet, sub-zero temperatures, blistering heat, high winds, and done it for the sake of learning and adventure! Nothing beats firsthand experience and that’s why many of our students return again and again to take more courses with us. We hope you’ll consider doing the same. Keep in mind that many of our courses book up four to six months in advance and that we keep the numbers low to ensure getting to know and work with you individually.

We offer two types of courses: Skill-Based and Field Courses.


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Skill-Based Courses

The Skill-Based Courses are held in a basecamp with meals and water provided. Since the emphasis is on learning and practicing skills under non-survival conditions, you may bring any gear (tents, sleeping bags, etc…) that you need to be comfortable.

Our Skill-Based courses include: Braintan Buckskin Workshop, Women’s Outdoor Survival Basics, Orienteering & Land Navigation, Outdoor Survival, and Desert Survival and Ecology.

Field Courses

The Field Courses emphasize lightweight travel methods and primitive survival skills. If you want to live in the wilderness with a minimum of gear while sleeping in handmade shelters, foraging and fishing for food, and utilizing day-to-day primitive living methods, then consider a Field Course. Mileage, in terms of hiking, is kept low so we can spend more time working on skills in a remote wilderness setting.

Our Field Courses include: Walkabout Courses, Knife-Only Survival Outings, The Resourceful Nomad, and Desert Survival Basics.


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One-day courses run from 9 am to 4 pm, with participants providing their own lunch. Overnight courses run from 830 am on the first day to 3 pm on the last day.

Enrollment is limited to no more than 12 students per course to ensure quality instruction & allow for individual attention. Children 14 and up are welcome to attend with a parent or guardian. To register send in your 50% deposit and we will provide the appropriate paperwork.

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