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Complete Survivor Course, August 15-16 2020, Denver, CO

This program goes beyond mere survival and delves into the long-term skills of “living off the land” where we focus on food procurement. You will walk away with the basics of both modern and primitive methods for feeding yourself in the wilds or providing for your family during the lean times. The course involves hands-on lectures, practical skills and plenty of time in the field around Denver.

Tools of Survival: Learn the pros & cons of a variety of hunting and fishing implements from slingshots and bows to throwing sticks and primitive fishing tackle.

Common edible plants: Identification and gathering of wild plants for use in salads and how to augment your meals at home. There will also be a segment on deadly and toxic plants.

Practical animal tracking: Identifying mammal prints and scat, reading the stories in tracks, and how to apply these skills for hunting and trapping. We will also have practical exercises focusing on pursuing an animal long-distance and how to pick up a lost trail.

Deadfalls and Snares: carving deadfalls, tips for trap placement, when and how to use snares, and lures & baits. Each participant will learn to carve a variety of deadfalls and also a bird snare.

Emergency food supplies: a look at what basic staples to have on hand at home and long-term food storage considerations.

Making jerky: we will discuss air-drying, smoking, and modern methods.

This course is held in accordance with Colorado Parks & Wildlife Laws and any traps or hunting methods shown will be for demonstration purposes only.

Hiking is minimal and we will be based near our vehicles, so participants can bring any gear they need to be comfortable (camp chair, snacks, etc…). We will carpool to different sites each day to take advantage of the different lifezones for identifying wild foods.

This is a non-overnight course and participants need to provide their own lodging in town or obtain a campsite nearby. A complete gear list, directions and health forms will be sent upon registration. Class will run each day from 9-5. Porta-potties, shade ramada and fresh drinking water will be on site.

Cost: $325

WAITING LIST ONLY AT THIS TIME. Please email us at to be notified of openings.

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