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Bushcraft Course

A beautiful archway filled with greenery in the rocks. One of the many amazing sights you will experience during your outdoor survival Bushcraft course.Have you ever felt like walking into the wilderness with a minimum of gear and relying on your skills while foraging and depending on nature‘s resources? This course goes beyond mere survival and shows you the skills needed to live out in the wilds for an extended period while creating what you need from your surroundings.

After establishing a primitive camp in the backcountry, we will collect and fashion what we need during our stay in the mountains in northern Arizona. Creating fire-by-friction, locating water, collecting edible plants, learning to use a map & compass, carving traps and throwing sticks, and sleeping in handmade shelters are just a few of the skills that you will learn and apply on a daily basis.

Firemaking Tools - You will learn the uses of all of these Firemaking Tools during your outdoor survival Bushcraft course.Gear consists of a wool blanket, poncho, water bottles, cooking pot, and knife. Two meals a day are provided.

This is given as 4, 7, and 14 Day Courses.

Check the course calendar for specific duration and dates.

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