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Desert Mountain Traditional Skills Course

Join us for a four-week adventure while learning an array of both cold-weather and desert living skills as we travel from the snowcapped mountains in Flagstaff to the sculpted mesas of the Sonoran Desert. Our first two weeks are spent at a rustic cabin in the mountains working on animal tracking & winter ecology, snowshelters & quinzees, modern & primitive firemaking, primitive pottery, & braintanning deerhides. The third week we travel down to the annual Wintercount Rendezvous in southern Arizona to learn from a wealth of international instructors in primitive skills and survival. During the final week, we travel to the Chiricuahua and Dragoon Mountains, the land of Geronimo, while exploring Apache culture and the rich natural diversity of this enchanting landscape. Limited to 8 participants.

This is given as a 28 Day Course.
Check the course calendar for specific dates.

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