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Hunting and Foraging Intensive Course

Obtaining wild foods in the backcountry is one of the most challenging and least understood areas of survival. In this traveling fieldcourse, we will cover all aspects of food procurement from fishing skills to wild edible plants to modern and primitive hunting methods. The first four days are spent in a beautiful forested region foraging for edible plants along with a two day medicinal herbs component where you will learn to make tinctures, salves, and teas. The next four days, we head to a high-desert basecamp and begin work on tracking and stalking skills while learning to make and use practical hunting implements such as primitive bows and arrows, throwing sticks, traps, and how to clean and cook wild-game.

The remaining six days are spent camped out alongside a perennial stream learning modern and primitive fishing methods, atlatl construction, preparing and cooking fish, weaving fish baskets, and netmaking. This is not a “starve and dine on bugs” survival class but rather a hands-on course where you will learn to feed yourself well and make delicious meals in the backcountry. Participants can bring any gear they need to be comfortable (tents, sleeping bag, etc…) since this is a van-based fieldcourse where we drive from site to site. Supplemental foods (rice, lentils, oats, etc…) will be provided to augment our wild dishes.

This is given as a 14 Day Course.
Check the course calendar for specific dates.

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