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Intensive in Bushcraft and Traditional Skills

Bushcraft Course providing weeks of hands-on study into Traditional Skills, Southwest Archeology, and High-Desert Survival Skills at our rustic basecamp north of Flagstaff, Arizona. We will cover: primitive pottery, bowmaking, Hogan & shelter construction, edible plant harvesting, braintanning buckskin, and instruction in preparing herbal medicines. Students will also take part in an archeological tour of the Four-Corners region, spend time with Hopi elders, and test their skills on a primitive Walkabout. This unique opportunity is limited to 6 individuals and will fill quickly.

This is given as 21 and 35 Day Course.
Check the course calendar for specific duration and dates.

Cost includes food and instruction.

College Credit (optional) is available.

Contact Information

Ancient Pathways, LLC
2532 N 4th St, PMB #313
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004-3712


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