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Living Off The Land | Advance Survival Course

Imagine yourself in the heart of the desert surrounded by mountains, canyons and ancient ruins. The terrain is rugged and the only food is what you trap, hunt, and forage. You have limited gear and are totally reliant on your bushcraft and survival skills. As you can see, this course is for those who want to take their skills to the next level beyond our standard fieldcourses.

During the first two days, we will review previously learned skills and teach more advanced bushcraft skills in a wilderness basecamp. Meals are provided during these first two days. After this, we will head out into the desert equipped with only a knife, cooking pot, blanket, and the clothes on our back while obtaining all of our food and primitive tools from the landscape.

The instructors will be with you the entire time to provide guidance but we will all be working together as a small hunter-gatherer band for the duration of our trek.

This course is held on private ranch land where we have access to thousands of acres of wild country to practice our skills. All trapping and hunting is held in accordance with Arizona State Game Laws.

Students must have completed any of our previous fieldcourses and be in good physical condition. Limited to 8 participants.

Check the current course schedule for specific duration and dates.

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