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Mantracking Course

This Fall we will be hosting a 3-day Basic Mantracking Class taught by staff from the renowned Scott-Donelan Tracking School. Whether it is for the military, law enforcement, and search & rescue, tracking is a useful skill-set and this particular course is open to the general public. For the outdoor enthusiast, sportsman, or hunter, the Basic Tracking Primer is an informative and practical introduction to tracking.

This hands-on course will cover the basics of locating and identifying spoor, following tracks over varied terrain, ground awareness, field signs, and tracking operations. Each day involves lecture and practical field-exercises and will be held in and around Flagstaff. Participants need to provide their own lodging (or campout nearby) and meals. We begin each day at 8 am and go until 4 pm. For further information on the Scott-Donelan Tracking School, visit


Check the course calendar for specific dates.

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