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Outdoor Safety for Kids (and Parents)

Back by popular demand, we are offering our 2-hour workshops on outdoor safety and survival skills for children, ages 6 and up. Held locally in Flagstaff, the workshop will show children what to do if they become lost in the outdoors, how to make a warm survival shelter, discuss wilderness hazards (such as snakes, bears, etc…), how to make a junior survival kit, and what parents can do to prepare their children for family outings. Children need to be accompanied by an adult.

$20 donation requested.

Due to the volume of interest in these kids workshops, we ask that you pre-register by emailing us at – We will then email you back with directions and what to bring.

Course Dates:

June 17 (Wednesday), 4-6 pm

June 28 (Sunday), 4-6 pm

July 7 (Tuesday) 3-5 pm

August 4 (Tuesday) 10 am-Noon

We will be adding more dates for this Outdoor Safety and Survival for Kids course as we head into the summer.

Check out our course calendar for upcoming dates.

Contact Information

Ancient Pathways, LLC
Colorado Springs, CO


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