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Self-Sufficiency Seminar

~ Container gardening: small scale gardening you can do even in the city.

~ An afternoon primer on herbal medicine & salve making.

~ Water purification systems for the home and wilderness.

~ Urban edibles: discover the bounty of free, wild food in your backyard.

~ Putting Meat On The Table: practical trapping methods and hunting tools for harvesting wild game and fish.

~ Food preservation: canning, making jerky, and constructing a smokeshack.

~ Outfitting The Home Pantry: emergency foods to have on hand for short and long-term emergencies.

~ Bail-Out & Emergency Kits for the Home and Office.

~ Humanure and waste disposal.

This is given as a 3 Day Course.
Check the course calendar for specific dates.

Includes two dinners. Participants need to provide their own lunches and breakfasts. Class will be held at Ft. Tuthill Recreation Area, near Flagstaff. Participants will be able to camp nearby or obtain lodging in Flagstaff (3 miles north).

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Ancient Pathways, LLC
Colorado Springs, CO


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