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The Resourceful Nomad

We’ve taken the ultralight survival and wilderness evasion techniques that we have taught to the military and formed a fun, fast-paced course where you will learn how to travel unseen while depending on the wilds for all of your needs. The first day focuses on basic survival, assembling a “Grab-n-Go” bag, low-profile firemaking methods, creating No-cook meals & hi-energy trailfoods, map-reading, natural camouflage, concealment, & stalking. The remaining three days, we travel cross-country and practice map & compass skills, low-impact shelters, water procurement, edible plant harvesting, practical hunting & trapping methods, covering your tracks, and ultralight travel. The last day involves an exciting evasion and navigation challenge to make it to the final destination while outmaneuvering your instructors. An action-packed course for the adventure-minded!

Participants need to be in good physical condition. Limited to 6 people. Contact our office or email us if you have questions about this unique course.

This is given as a 4 Day Course.
Check the course calendar for specific dates.

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