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Walkabout Course

The Walkabout allows you to step back to a simpler way of travel while learning primitive skills along the way. You will have the opportunity to explore the stunning canyons and mountains of the southwest. Our Walkabouts range from three to fourteen days in length and are held in either the Flagstaff region or up in Bluff, Utah. Please check our schedule for specific course length and locations.

During your Walkabout course you will view historical features of the southwest like Cliff Dwellings and Hieroglyphics.What you will learn:

~ Natural shelters

~ Primitive & modern firemaking

~ Survival kits

~ Trapping and hunting methods

~ Edible plants

~ Wilderness cooking skills

~ Water location and purification

~ Animal tracking

Gear will consist of a knife, blanket, water bottle, and individual food packs. The natural world and our daily foraging and hunting efforts will provide for the rest of our needs. An Ancient Pathways Walkabout will provide you with not only a wealth of practical survival skills, but also cover the basics of land navigation with a map and compass. Everyone will walk away with lots of handmade gear and the skills of learning how to live off the land.

Experience the most amazing sunsets on your outdoor survivial Walkabout course.

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