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Orienteering Training Courses

Map and Compass / Land Navigation

Our Land Navigation courses will teach students the basics of orienteering with a map and compass while improving backcountry travel skills and lostproofing. These courses provide in-depth coverage of the technical skills and field methods necessary in becoming proficient with map and compass, GPS units, and barehanded methods of using the sun, moon, and stars.

Land Navigation, Orienteering, and GPS (1 to 2 Day Courses Available) – Topics covered: Compass Types and Uses, Topographic Map Symbols and Contour Lines, Declination, Pacing, Walking a Straight Line, Following a Bearing, and Primitive Methods of Navigation. At course’s end, students will have a chance to test their newly developed skills in a cross-country challenge. The two-day format is a non-overnight course (lodging and meals included) which involves additional field exercises and an evening program.

Survival Orienteering (1/2 Day to 3 Day Courses Available) – This course stresses navigation, survival skills, and teambuilding. After learning the basics of map and compass use, the group heads out to the wilderness to handle a simulated survival situation. Using their compass skills to locate their next destination and food cache, the group must work as a team to overcome the challenge of making shelter, procuring water, and creating fire with primitive tools. Each challenge requires team members to rely on and trust each other while working toward a common goal. Multi-day courses includes a crash-course in basic survival skills.

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