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Winter Survival Training Courses

Be Prepared for Cold Weather with one of our Winter Survival and Cold Weather Training Courses

Winter can be an unforgiving and deadly time of year that requires a unique set of outdoor living skills. Our Winter Survival Courses are designed to provide in-depth coverage of the specialized skills needed to adapt to and survive in cold climates. These courses are not recreational but designed for professionals who work in the extreme cold. All of these courses emphasize survival psychology, winter survival priorities, and plenty of hands-on practice.

Winter Survival Seminar (3 Hours) – This workshop will provide an introduction to winter survival basics for people traveling or working in cold weather regions. Relying on classroom lecture and slideshows, students will become familiar with survival skills such as field-expedient shelters, water procurement, signaling for rescue, cold injuries and hypothermia concerns, emergency firemaking techniques, and survival kits.

Basic Winter Survival Skills (1 to 3 Day Courses Available) – This comprehensive course will offer a solid foundation in the field skills involved in handling a wilderness survival situation or backcountry emergency. This is a non-overnight course which utilizes a combination of classroom lecture, hands-on fieldwork, and group activities. Food, water, and a heated classroom will be available. Walking is limited to short distances. Topics will include: survival psychology, clothing and footwear requirements, overview of cold injuries, winter shelters, water location and snowmelting devices, signaling methods, primitive and modern firemaking skills, food requirements for cold weather, vehicle preparation and resources, and roadside survival methods.

Winter Survival Fieldcourse (2 to 5 Day Courses Available) – Designed to provide firsthand experience in a field setting with the practical survival skills needed to survive in a winter environment. Students will learn and apply their skills under actual winter-living conditions. In addition to the skills covered from the Basic Course, students will also learn about snowshelters, improvised snowshoes, winter ecology and tracking, proper use of the ax and saw and specialized trailfoods for cold weather. Held in a wilderness basecamp with hearty meals, water, and heated canvas shelters provided. Students need to be in good physical condition.

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