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We’ve Moved to Colorado Springs!!

Summer Greetings!
As I write this my family and I are on the road, heading to our new home in Colorado Springs. After 22 years of teaching and guiding in Arizona, we have made the difficult decision to pull-up stakes and head to the Rockies. Flagstaff has changed considerably from the town we once knew and there are also more college opportunities for my teenage kids where we are headed. Plus, as someone once said, “the Rocky Mountains are the marrow of the world.”

I want to thank all of you who have participated in our fieldcourses over the years during the bushcraft, Knife-Only’s, and 9-week programs along with numerous university classes. I leave this amazing landscape with many fond memories shared around the woodsmoke of countless campfires in our hogan in the high-desert and in bark-covered wickiups in the mountains.

I still plan to teach a handful of fieldcourses each year but these will be traveling programs hosted by other groups so stay tuned for future events held in Moab, Oregon, Phoenix, and the central Rockies. Excluding this summer, we will also be running our popular Ultimate Survival Skills Course in Flagstaff each June, and I will be writing  newsletter updates of gear reviews and survival tips shortly.

Many heartfelt thanks for being along for the ride all these years!

Enjoy the wilds,
Tony Nester

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