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Some Helpful Outdoor & Survival Links

Here are some of our favorite links:

The Forager’s Path: A School of Botanical Studies run by Mike Masek

The Wilderness Learning Center: Comprehensive courses in bushcraft and wilderness survival with Marty Simon

Wilderness Arts Institute: Bushcraft – Outdoor Education – Wilderness Survival Skills

This Earth: Exploring our Planet inside and out.

Back Woodsman Magazine:  A bi-monthly publication dedicated to the preservation of Old Frontier living, primitive hunting and fishing, tool and weapons lore, and wilderness survival.

Woodsmoke Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival: UK bushcraft courses, wilderness skills, survival training & overseas bushcraft expeditions.

Equipped to Survive: The Definitive Source for Independent Reviews & Information on Outdoors Gear and Survival Equipment and Techniques.

Flagstaff Central’s Community Information Source: Find out about area attractions and lodging in Northern Arizona

Jack Mountain Bushcraft: Primitive skills courses in Maine

Karamat Wilderness Ways: Videos, books, & courses on Boreal Survival with Mors Kochanski

AMOK! Edge Weapon Solutions: Educating and training persons of good character with ethical, legal, and tactically responsible solutions to violent assaults.

Thomas J. Elpel’s Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School, LLC: Access to Eighty Wilderness Survival, Primitive Living Skills & Nature Awareness Schools across North America.

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The New Knife-Only Survival Book is Now Available on Amazon!

The New Knife-Only Survival Book is Now Available on Amazon!

Ever wondered how to handle a worst-case outing in the wilds with only the clothes on your back and a knife? Each year in North America, there are countless cases of unprepared hikers becoming lost and having to endure an unexpected night in the elements, depending only on their wits and abilities. Written in a… Continue >>>

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