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New book, When the Grid Goes Down, covers the six key areas of home self-reliance and how families can prevail in place when disaster strikes.

Flagstaff, AZ January 23, 2013 – Designed as a companion to the previously published Surviving a Disaster, this how-to book covers how to prepare for both short-term survival ranging from 24-72 hours as well as long-term situations resulting from a grid-down emergency or pandemic. It includes realistic strategies that families can immediately implement for preparing their home and sticks to the essential methods and gear for getting started.

The author of the book, Tony Nester, is an internationally recognized expert on survival and self-reliance. He has authored four instructional books and three DVDs and provides hands-on survival courses for the military special operations community, US Marshals, NTSB, and FAA.

Nester who lives in a passive solar, strawbale house, points out that, “Learning survival shouldn’t involve a fear-based approach and you won’t hear any doom and gloom rhetoric in this book. Urban survival preparation is meant to be empowering as you plan for your specific region, acquire pertinent skills and cut through the gear-hype to find out what is necessary to face a real-world emergency.”

When The Grid Goes Down - Disaster Preparations and Survival Gear for Making Your Home Self-Reliant. An Urban Survival Book by Tony Nester.When the Grid Goes Down covers water storage and purification, alternative water sources, creating a “water map” for your city, the three essential food types to stock up on, designing an off-grid medical kit, home security measures, as well as coping with energy blackouts. There is even a Q & A section taken from the author’s survival courses over the years.

“You won’t find any rehashed emergency checklists. Everything in the book comes from real-world applications and has been rigorously field tested over the years as well as being utilized daily in our own home,” says Nester.

Ordering Information: Published by Diamond Creek Press, ISBN 978-0-9713811-4-8, 88 pages softcover, cost is $12.95 plus $5.50 shipping. To order, click here or email

For media inquiries or to receive a review copy, please send your request to Ancient Pathways Survival School, LLC, 2532 N 4th St, PMB #313, Flagstaff, Arizona 86004-3712 or contact us at

Diamond Creek Press is the creator of pragmatic, field-tested, how-to books and instructional DVDs on survival and self-reliance. We are an independently owned publishing company based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Owner and author Tony Nester is a full time survival instructor who is dedicated to providing reliable information and skills while researching methods for survival in both urban and wilderness settings.


Tony Nester, Instructor for Ancient Pathways, LLC - specializing in Outdoor Survival, Wilderness Courses and Urban Survival Skills.About the Author

Tony Nester is one of the foremost survival instructors in the U.S. and runs Ancient Pathways, a survival training school in Flagstaff, Arizona. His company is the primary provider of survival training for Military Special Operations units from around the world and he has instructed the National Transportation & Safety Board (NTSB), US Marshals, FAA, and served as a technical consultant for the film Into the Wild. Tony has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Fox News, the New York Times, and Maxim Magazine.

Click here for more about Tony Nester.

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