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Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy: A Cal Shepard Black-Ops Thriller
By JT Sawyer

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Search and Destroy - A Cal Shepard Black-Ops Thriller by JT SawyerEspionage & Tradecraft Thrillers (under pen name, JT Sawyer)

The CIA created him. Treachery unleashed him.

Cal Shepard was trained by the government to be a hunter of other assassins. He’s the tip of the spear in the war on terror and a master of tradecraft after 16 years in black-ops.

When he’s assigned to be a consultant for the Burke Corporation, a US defense firm creating a software-targeting database of terrorist threats, he thinks his time in the field is over. As an expectant father and with a battle-torn body, he’s more than ready to settle down for a while in the quiet suburbs outside of DC. Days before the database is supposed to go live, he is framed for murder and becomes the target of a nationwide manhunt.

But he’s not about to disappear….not without exacting revenge. With an FBI task force on his trail and a group of hired guns needing to take him down before he can uncover the truth, Shepard realizes that the network of corruption extends to the upper echelons of the government.

Applying his well-honed skills from years of search & destroy missions, Shepard takes the fight to the enemy, methodically hunting down those responsible and dispensing his own brand of justice.

For fans of Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, Jason Bourne and Jack Ryan comes an explosive espionage thriller from Amazon bestselling author JT Sawyer.

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