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The Modern Hunter-Gatherer

A Practical Guide to Living Off the Land
A Survival Book by Tony Nester

Learn How To Enter The World of True Self-Reliance.

Have you ever wondered how to walk into the wilderness and harvest your own food? Are you interested in integrating healthy, wild edibles into your diet while reducing food costs? Do you want to learn the time-tested methods for living off the land in case you become stranded in the wilds or face an emergency where the grocery shelves are empty?

The Modern Hunter-Gatherer: A Practical Guide to Living Off the LandIn his fourth book, survival instructor Tony Nester delves into practical methods that he has applied on extended survival courses over the past twenty years showing the best techniques for beginning and advanced students of wilderness living. This innovative book illustrates, with detailed photos, the essential methods for harvesting, preserving, and cooking small game, fish, edible plants, and how to reduce your dependence on “the system.”

Recapture the excitement of wandering on the land unencumbered while depending on nature’s resources and the skill in your hands. You will learn how to:

  • Realistically obtain wild foods from the land as a beginning hunter-gatherer.
  • Select a survival firearm for hunting and why small game is the answer to feeding yourself in the wilderness.
  • Put together a low-tech but quality fishing kit for catching easy-to-obtain panfish.
  • Carve, set, and utilize deadfalls and snares that actually work in a survival situation and can keep your family fed in a long-term emergency.
  • Make delicious jerky and preserve meat the old-fashioned way.
  • Skinning, cleaning, and wild game preparation tips.
  • Harvest and prepare edible plants found in your own neighborhood.

This is a large format, 8.5″ x 11″ book containing over 90 photos along with detailed illustrations. ISBN: 978-0-9713811-3-1.

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