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Ultimate Survival Handbook

A Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor and Urban Survival
Bugging-Out During Disasters, and Long-Term Wilderness Living

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The Ultimate Survival Handbook

The Ultimate Survival Handbook contains five of longtime, survival instructor Tony Nester’s bestselling eBooks, covering urban and wilderness survival along with the long-term skills of bushcraft.

Tony has spent the past 30-years applying and teaching survival skills to the military special operations community and general public, including serving as a consultant for the movie, Into the Wild, the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and the NY Times along with providing training for actors Josh Brolin and Emile Hirsch. For years, he also wrote a monthly survival column for Outside Magazine and is a frequent contributors to numerous publications.

This book is a compilation of the following previously published eBooks:

Survival Gear You Can Live With

A quality survival kit is one of the critical keys in prevailing during a backcountry emergency. Survival instructor Tony Nester shares what essential gear to carry and how to design a tailor-made kit to fit your specific needs which will cover the Big 5 Priorities facing someone stranded in the backcountry during a short-term crisis.

Nester provides a pragmatic look at the crucial elements that should go into a personal survival kit and the steps to help ensure that you don’t get lost in the first place.

Bushcraft Tips & Tools

Packed with practical advice taken from years of teaching long-term wilderness courses, and experimentation on extended personal trips, this book covers strategies for enjoying the wilderness with your hands and a few simple tools.
Topics Include: Tarp and Bedroll Types, Bushcraft Blades, Axes and Saws, Firearms & Food Procurement Tools, Region-Specific Gear, Wilderness Ethics, Clothing Recommendations, Trail Food and Cooking Implements.

A Vehicle Survival Kit You Can Live With

An in-depth look at field-tested gear and self-reliance methods in case you break down in the wilds or on the highway. It provides insight into the essential recovery, survival and emergency items that every traveler should carry.
Accompanied by real-world stories of survival, this book covers the basic skills that can help you prevail during a roadside emergency.

Bug-Out Gear for Travelers

Most people in the survival and preparedness community spend a great deal of time and expense to outfit themselves with quality bug-out gear for an urban crisis. All of that changes when you board a commercial flight for work or pleasure and the majority of the well-planned kit gets left behind due to travel restrictions.

Discover what emergency gear to have in your pockets along with critical first-aid kit items, nutritious no-cook foods, a carry-on bug-out bag and how to dress for egress. Additionally, there are anecdotes from real-world situations, a checklist of practical items for post-arrival at your destination and low-tech measures for securing your gear at the hotel or in a rental vehicle.

Survival Q & A

Can you really get water in the desert from a solar still? Should you ever attempt to suture a wound, Rambo style, in the backcountry? What happens if the grid goes down in a foreign city while you are traveling abroad? How do you distinguish cougar tracks from dog tracks? Should you drink from your swimming pool during an urban disaster? How do you survive a night in the snow without any gear? What is the best treatment for a rattlesnake bite?

Join Tony as he delves into the Q & A of survival as it relates to forest, desert, jungle, urban, and the often misunderstood realm of living off the land.

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