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Practical Urban Survival Series | Instructional DVD Series

Tony Nester’s Practical Urban Survival Series, Volumes 1 & 2

Over the years, we have had many students in our survival classes inquire about supportive material they can reference to further augment what we cover in our classes or to show other family members. This 2-volume instructional DVD series, is produced by Tony Nester. It covers the skills, strategies, and essential gear to have in place to provide to help you handle an urban crisis at home, work, or on the road.

The methods and skills shown in both DVDs flow in a logical order and cover how to prepare for both short emergencies ranging from 1-3 days to a long-term grid-down situation lasting several months or longer. As with Tony’s survival books, the material is delivered in a straightforward, no-frills fashion so you walk away from each DVD with solid information that can be immediately applied. Disaster Planning and Home Preparation - Survival DVD Series

DVD 1: Disaster Planning and Home Preparation with Tony Nester

  • The 7 Survival Priorities to Contend With During a Disaster
  • When to Stay Put and When to Bug Out
  • The 6 Key Areas for Making a Self-Reliant Home
  • How Much Food and What Type to Stock Up On
  • Water Requirements, Purification Methods, and Storage
  • Home Defense & Firearm Considerations
  • Alternative Lighting for When the Grid Is Down
  • Cooking and Heating When the Power Goes Out
  • Handling Long-term Hygiene and Sanitation Issues
  • How to Put Together a Quality First-Aid Kit for Your Family

Length: 1 hour 44 minutes

Purchase DVD 1 for $19.95
plus $5.80 s/h (USA Only)

Purchase Both DVD’s for $34.95
plus $5.80 s/h (USA Only)

DVD 2: Survival On The Run: Evacuation Strategies & Bail-Out Kits With Tony Nester

  • Bug-Out Bags and Bail-Out Kits for the Home, Vehicle, and Office
  • Emergency Rations for Bail-Out Bags
  • Assembling Emergency Kits for Children
  • Evacuation Strategy Worksheets for Local, Regional, & Statewide Emergencies
  • Communicating and Reuniting With Family Members
  • Financial Survival Considerations
  • Practical Survival Knives
  • Communicating and Reuniting With Family Members
  • Roadside Survival and Critical Travel Gear
  • If the Grocery Shelves Empty: Tools for Procuring Wild Game

Length: 1 hour 11 minutes

Purchase DVD 2 for $19.95
plus $5.80 s/h (USA Only)

Purchase Both DVD’s for $34.95
plus $5.80 s/h (USA Only)

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